Senggigi Beach Lombok Offers Entertainment and Culture in One Place

Lombok has become one of the most favorite islands to visit beside Bali. Many tourists also say that Lombok is calmer than Bali since Bali nowadays is so crowded so the tourists who want to find a peace condition sometimes jump off from Bali to Lombok. However, if you have a chance to go there, you must visit Senggigi beach Lombok because your holiday is not complete if you don’t come or skip this place from your list while visiting Indonesia.

Must Visit Place: Senggigi Beach Lombok

 Lombok is neighbor of Bali and many tourists also say that Lombok is the second Bali and second heaven that still has many virgin beaches. It makes the tourists want to explore more so they can find some untouchable places. However, if you don’t have time to explore more about some new places, you just need to find the popular places you don’t want to miss since those places have their own uniqueness so you hve to see with your own eyes. However, among the popular places, Senggigi beach Lombok must be on the top list because your holiday is not complete if you don’t visit this beach.

You just need to jump off from Bali by ship or plane. Actually, Senggigi is not as large as Kuta beach in Bali but many tourists say the atmosphere of Senggigi is not different with Kuta so you will not find something disappointing for you. It is just located in different island. Basically, Senggigi is located at Batu Layar district in west Lombok, Nusa Tenggara Barat province. Since the beach is so popular right now, it is easy for you to access this place so you can enjoy the beautiful sea ahead. To reach this place, you need to arrive in Mataram City as the Capital city of NTB. You can go by airplane from Bali if you want to reach this place faster through Selaparang Mataram airport and try to rent a car.

If you don’t go with travel and tour agent, then you need to need to know how to geth there by car. It takes around 30 to 50 minutes to reach Senggigi beach from Selaparang Mataram airport. The different time here is caused by the road condition also since Mataram is the busiest city in NTB. If you don’t have any preparation to rent the car or you travel in backpacker style to save money, you can always go to Senggigi by public transportation. Once arrive at the airport, you just need to pay about Rp 30.000 to get there by bus aournd an hour longer than renting the car because the bus is also waiting for other companions who have the same destination as yours but not so longer also.

If you are from Bali, you just need to go with ferry ship from Karangasem dock across the sea and it takes around 30 minutes to across the sea. Besides going from Karangasem, you may go from Padang Bay dock by ferry to Lembar dock in Lombok. If you go from Mataram, you just need to get the public transportation which is heading from Ampenan to Senggigi and you just need to pay around Rp 2000 each. After arriving at Senggigi, you just need to walk around five minutes only to see the blue sea with your own eyes. Since Senggigi is one of the most popular place in Lombok, so you can find stalls, entertainments, souvenir shops, restaurants, hotels and resorts around the beach itself.

Because the facilities and accommodations here are so complete, no wonder if many domestic and foreign tourists come to Senggigi and this is transit place for tourists who want to go to Gili Trios. However, you just don’t see beach only along with the living things under the sea because on Senggigi, you may find two interesting tourism spots which are Batu Layar and Batu Bolong. Batu Bolong is a temple which is built on the top of coral reef on the edge of the beach. Legend said that this temple was used as the sacrifice place for girls who were still virgin. Then, those girls were thrown as the shark food under the sea. Another story is, this temple is used for broken hearted women.

It means, this place is used for suicide if someone is broken heart by throwing off themselves to the sea. Batu Layar itself is located near Batu Bolong and there is a tomb of “ulama” and it is considered as the holy place for those who believe in Wetu Telu. This tomb is always crowded around “Lebaran Ketupat” which is a week after Idul Fitri for Muslims.

By visiting Senggigi beach Lombok, you may not only get entertainment by the sea but also the education of the culture in one place.

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