5 Lombok Attractions Aside From The Beach Activity

What do you want to do during your holiday in Lombok? Is it enough to just visit the beach since Lombok attractions offer many benefits for tourists so they will not only get entertainment only but also different experience, education and culture. That is why you need to know for sure what will you do once arrive in Lombok especially if this is your first time to visit Lombok and you want to explore more about the neighbor of Bali that has many interesting place.

Lombok Attractions for Education and Culture

 Your holiday will be meaningful if you can see and know the Lombok attraction so no more time will be wasted anymore for you and family such as:

  • Learn about Sasak culture at Beleq Village
    If you are so interested in culture while exploring Lombok, then you can learn about Sasak Culture. The place you need to visit is Beleq village. You may see the traditional village which is maintained special for tourists and there is an interesting history within it. You may not imagine if the village was created back in 14th century. Back then, there were only 7 houses which were built traditionally, a village hall and 2 gazebos called Berugak. No matter what year it is right now, the village has never grown since it was created because the local people there believe that modern things and new generation can start their life in different place outside the village. You can just trek to explore the area and meet the local people.

  • Learn traditional weaving at Sukarare village
    If you want to buy something as souvenir for your relatives, friends or families, then you can find it here and learn how to weave by yourself traditionally. This textile production is indeed the best home industry in Lombok and it is famous worldwide. There are two famous textiles in this area. The first one is called as Tenun Ikat and this is string woven fabric produced by men. The second one is called Tenun Songket made by women and its is also embroidered with silver and gold thread. In Sukarare village, all people almost work as the weaver and there are many traditional weaving workshops also. Sukarare is located in south Lombok and this place is the tourism centre for textile production.
  • Make a pottery
    If you want to fill your holiday with something beneficial than just have fun, you can join and make a pottery because Lombok is very well known with its clay pottery. You can find numbers of pottery workshops here as the centre place in making clay pottery. The oldest village which is known as the centre of pottery is Penujak village. Nowadays, the village is open and maintained for both domestic and foreign tourists. If you visit Penujak village, then you will be brought and shown with stages to make pottery from the first beginning like creating the design, glazing and firing the pottery.
  • Visit to Narmada water park
    Perhaps Water Park in Lombok is similar with others but this is not an ordinary water park because Narmada is considered as the historical water park and it was built by King Anak Agung Gede Ngurah Karang Asem in 1727. You can imagine how old this is. The park is actually a spiritual retreat special for Hindu people and the purpose if this is as the replica of Mount Rinjani because Rinjani is believed as the holy mountain in Lombok and it is the highest point on top of the island. The park is also built beautifully with cultivated gardens along with natural spring. It is not as interesting as the Balinese water palace but if you want to see the historical building in Lombok, then you can go to this place.
  • Try to do pearl farming
    If you go to Lombok especially women, you will think to buy pearls for sure. It is because pearls are biggest exports of Lombok and if you want to visit the pearl farms which is tourist friendly, then you can go to Autore Pearl Farm. You will get a tour to pearl farm and also learn on how these pearls are harvested. After that, you can go to showroom to see the next process. It is so interesting though it is commercial. You can also buy the pearls as souvenirs or jewelries since this is the heaven for girls and women who visit Lombok and they will not go anywhere if they find this place until they get the right jewelry for them.

Actually, there are still many Lombok attractions you can do and see while spending your time to explore this island and you can choose the best place you want to visit most.

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